Eyres House: 810 Ligar Street, Soldiers Hill

This impressive single storey Edwardian Queen Anne style mansion situated high on a hill on what was the outskirts of northern Ballarat was completed in 1905 for Joseph Bryant who made his fortunes in Ballarat’s mining industry. Currently part of Ballarat Health Services, being adaptively reused in 1988.1. The current name dates to 1960, when it was renamed in honour of Ballarat family. Other names include ‘Balmoral’ (1916-1960) given by former mayor of Ballarat Arthur Stewart.2 It has operated as a hostel and most recently a dementia centre.

CNC Eyres House 810 Ligar Street Soldiers Hill Ballarat

CNC Eyres House 810 Ligar Street Soldiers Hill Ballarat

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Old Library. 102 Camp Street, Ballarat Central

Old Ballarat Library viewed from Camp Street to the South

Old Ballarat Library viewed from Camp Street to the South

The Old Library building on Camp Street is one of those buildings whose current form defies its history and function. It is only upon closer inspection that what appears to be a plain postwar office building reveals its history, a century struggle to develop a free library adequate for the people of Ballarat. The current building is a remodelling of the 1901 library which was a tall Victorian symmetrical design of grand doric and corinthian columns and triangular pediment. During the Public Works Department 1939-41 redesign as the City Free Library, the original freestone facade was removed and the frontage splayed and rendered in the stripped classical style with a new forecourt.1

Jumping Gator crocodile sculpture: Ballarat Wildlife Park. Fussell Street, Ballarat East

Gator Statue, Ballarat Wildlife Park

Jumping Gator. Crocodile statue in bronze at Ballarat Wildlife Park

Gator the crocodile, a star attraction at Ballarat Wildlife Park for many years, died at age 37 on May 7, 2013 from a mystery illness.1 A new enclosure was underway prior to the crocodile’s death. To mark the opening in 2014, a bonze sculpture of Gator was installed. The statue, designed by New South Wales artists Gille and Marc2 is situated in a prominent position just inside the main entrance.

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St Columba’s School Main Building. 306 Lydiard Street Nth, Soldiers Hill

st columbans school 402 gregory street

St Columban’s School main building looking south from Gregory Street

The main building of St Columba’s school was opened on 1st April, 1955 by Reverend J.P.O Collins, Bishop of Ballarat. It extended the church complex across the road and the school dates back to 31st January, 1911.1

Carn Brae (Australian Catholic University Aquinas Campus) 1020 Mair Street, Ballarat Central

Carn Brae mansion viewed from the entrance to the southern garden

Carn Brae mansion viewed from the entrance to the southern garden

This impressive double storey mansion named ‘Carn Brae’ after the castle in the English county of Cornwall is set in its own beautiful gardens is one of Ballarat’s post gold rush finest and is currently the centrepiece of the Australian Catholic University’s Aquinas Campus.

Carn Brae (formerly 1400 Mair Street) was built between 1882 and 1883 for Cornish miner and blacksmith Cyrus Bath Retallack (died 24/03/1899) who operated a shop on Sturt Street.1

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